Best WordPress Customization Tutorial for Beginners

WPPathFinder is a junction where you will able to learn various type of WordPress theme customization & how to make different types of website. We regularly post Theme Customization & WordPress bug fixing tutorial

If you want to learn WordPress Website Development without or with less coding skill, you should follow our step by step guides. We try to show everything from the scratch that helps a beginner to register domain & hosting to start their very first website.

Most of the WordPress theme we use has page builder integrated that allows you building a website just doing drag-drop. You just need to learn about page builder elements & start building your website as like as Facebook.

You can upload any image using the upload button and edit to update all the texts. Also, you can add the space between different elements using graphical user interface option.

Yes, making a website in WordPress is that easy!!!

How Do I Make a Website with WordPress CMS?

WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) that people use to develop their website and blogs. According a recent survey, we knew more than 27% of total web are using WordPress CMS to develop their website.

You can make any type of website like agency website, portfolio website, ecommerce website, gallery website, corporate website & of course the blog websites. 

If you are a beginner & thinking to start making your own website, follow below listed video tutorials to learn WordPress customization. This will help you developing your own website effectively.

How to Make a Travel Website or Travel Blog in WordPress?

Nowadays people are making money creating travel blog & travel agency websites. If you have good knowledge on Travel & Tourism, you can easily make a travel agency website with WordPress.

You can share your travel stories, photos & videos with your audiences on your Travel blog. This will help you getting a group of interested people who will join in your next tour. Of course this will help you making money!.

If you are thinking to start your own travel agency or travel blog website, you must watch the below tutorial to learn Travel Website making.

How To Make Restaurant Website In WordPress?

Start Your Own Food Delivery Store Online

Nowadays modern people are highly addicted to online food stores & food delivery websites that helping restaurant owners to convert their local food business to online food shop. If you are a food cart or food court owner, you can easily start your online food business just developing a restaurant website.

You can also use food delivery WordPress theme to develop your food delivery website. This will help you spreading your local business to vast area that you can cover. I listed multiple food delivery WordPress theme that will help you starting your food store effectively.

How To Create a Clothing Store Website In WordPress?

Creating a clothing store website will help you selling your products both locally & internationally. You can also export all of your collections and export quality products internationally. This is a major reason, people are making online clothing store websites and spreading their business.

In this tutorial, I’ve used best Clothing Store WordPress Theme to develop a clothing store website that will help you taking order online and sell your clothes nationwide & internationally. You can develop the clothing store website just doing drag & drop.

How To Build Professional Service Website in WordPress?

If you are a service provider & realizing the importance of a website, but don’t have enough budget to start!. You are in the perfect place to start your professional service website minimizing your website development cost.

You can create your personal agency website without hiring any web developer. Everything you can change visually without adding any extra code. You can just follow our step by step guide to develop your service website with a stunning professional look.

How to Make an Agency or Company Portfolio Website in WordPress?

Agency portfolio website helps you display all of your company services together and showcase your previous works as well. You can also add all of your clients testimonials that will help your new customers to understand about your professionalism.

Considering all the importance of a service website, people are making agency portfolio websites for their companies. If you are an agency owner & thinking to make an agency website for your company, this video will help you to create your agency website in WordPress.

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How to Create a Newspaper Website in WordPress?

In these days, people feel more comfortable to read news online. Thus, all the newspaper agencies are creating an online version of their local newspaper. This helps both readers & news agencies as well. Agencies can make revenue from different revenue sharing companies & they display custom ads on their online newspaper website as well.

Nowadays people are making newspaper website even they are not closely related to journalism. By creating an online newspaper, you can be the partner of the social development, awareness & social revolution in some cases. Here’s how you can start your own newspaper website in WordPress?

How To Start an eCommerce Website In WordPress?

The rate of ordering goods online increased a few times more than before & this is the reason more eCommerce websites are being developed each & everyday. People are converting their local shop into the online shop.

If you are shop owner, you can make an eCommerce website as well. Following this step by step guide of developing an eCommerce website, you can easily start your eCommerce website that will help you selling your shop products online.

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How To Make Medical Dental Website In WordPress

Importance of a website in Medical industry is increased like other industries. You must need a website that will provide all the necessary information to your patients & other interested people. 

On your dental website, you can add all of your visiting time, contact information and other related information that will help them. If you are dental service provider, you can easily start your dental website following below tutorial.

How To Make Portfolio Website In WordPress

Even you are not an agency owner or a shop owner, you can create your personal portfolio website that will help you knowing people all of your professional services together. Anyone can create a personal portfolio to improve his service quality.

Creating personal portfolio help people knowing about you and your services. Thus, people nowadays make their personal portfolio website and list all of their services. You can follow this step by step guide to create your portfolio website.

How To Make A Video Blog In WordPress

Videos are the richest media that can explain better than other media’s like text & images. Thus, people are much addicted to video content than text & image base contents. This is the reason, people are creating more video blogs than before.

If you are video content creator, you can showcase all of your Youtube, Video or Self-hosted video in your video blog website. You can easily create your video blog following this step by step guide.

How to Make a Private Website with Password in WordPress?

There could be several reason behind you make your WordPress website private!. If you are making the website for your family, friends or a group of people with secret information that you don’t want to keep public, you can create your WordPress Private Website!.

This video will help you developing your private WordPress website or make your existing website private & password protected. Using the secure password, anyone can access to your private WordPress website.

Following our step-by-step tutorials will help you making any type of website without hiring a developer. But if you want to save your time & make your website more professional than you do it for first time! Here we are to assist you!.

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